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  • Sean P. Keefe

Democide Ignored

If you have figured it out, you will never trust any institution again. 

Our government funded the Gain-of-Function research in Wuhan, China where Covid originated.  Our medical community lied about natural immunity, suppressed early treatments, isolated dying patients from their families, and forced ineffective and fatal protocols on an unwitting public.  Our media fanned the flames of fear over a virus with a 99.XX survival rate for those without comorbidities.  Our academic institutions went along with unscientific mask mandates and social distancing.  Our law enforcement and legal community allowed these unconstitutional events to occur all while failing to investigate any of the excess death that became alarming in 2021.

In West Virginia, this will be the third regular session for our legislature since the covid plandemic hit our public consciousness.  Will our legislators do anything to protect their citizens from a future onslaught of medical tyranny?  Will anyone be held accountable for their unconstitutional actions during the previous three years?  Will West Virginia Governor Jim Justice preside over the greatest increase in death our state has ever experienced and then be rewarded with a United States Senate seat?

We The People have control of each of those questions.  Without our pressure, our legislators will continue to protect the hospitals that allowed our loved ones to die alone.  Without our voices, those who perpetrated this medical tyranny will ride off with their golden parachutes whether they were funded by the CDC/FDA recommended protocols or CDC/FDA recommended vaccines.  There was a lot of money made in the medical profession in the previous three years, and no one who made any of that money will give any critical thought to the freedoms usurped as they raked in their treasure – unless we force them to.

Anthony Fauci Testimony

The second week of January 2024 saw Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying before the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.  It is being reported in multiple outlets that Mr. Fauci testified that the six-foot social distancing protocol “sort of just appeared” and that the lab-leak hypothesis was not a conspiracy theory.

You might ask yourself why this is important?  Well, the social distancing recommendations resulted in the closure of schools and businesses – not the businesses that were too big to fail.  No, those businesses got to stay open.  But schools and small businesses?  We couldn’t social distance there – close them.  Remember seeing those plastic dividers used in grocery stores to separate the customer from the cashier?  If you are a golfer, you may remember plastic dividers being added to golf carts.  How many jobs were lost due to these increased expenses?  How much learning loss did our children suffer?  All for non-scientific bullshit!

What about the statements that once you are vaccinated, you can no longer spread or contract the disease?  Isn’t that why we had vaccine mandates?  Why would we mandate a new medical technology if that new technology doesn’t keep you from contracting or spreading the disease?  Are we now mandating experimental pharmaceuticals just to lessen the symptoms of a disease?

I bet you know someone who lost their job because they refused this experimental mRNA technology.  I know I do.

Our children were forced to wear filthy facemasks in order to attend school.  It did not matter to the Wood County, WV Board of Education that the mask manufacturers themselves told you their masks didn’t work to prevent diseases.

And these are just the latest admissions by those who implemented this medical tyranny.  Even Jim Justice appears to have noticed that his actions as governor may have adversely impacted those he intimidated, coerced and bribed to take this experimental technology. 

“There’s a group that I would worry about in this day and time with the information that we have,” Justice said. “That group would have been the group that did not get vaccinated, but they may very well end up being the group that is the safest and healthiest.”

Admissions are nice, but they are a far cry from a resolution.  A bank robber doesn’t get to apologize and walk away.  A drunk driver doesn’t get to admit to his crime and then head right back home. 

The official actions taken by elected or appointed men and women that usurp rights guaranteed in the constitution come with consequences.  Some of those consequences come with electoral results; others should come with investigations, and if appropriate, handcuffs.

Plandemic Evidence

Elected and appointed government officials may have set the tone for how this plandemic would be handled; but academia, healthcare professionals, media, and law enforcement of all levels were partners with our government in usurping our Constitutionally-protected rights to freely express our opinions, freely exercise our rights to travel, or freely interact with society without participating in a medical experiment.

One could argue, and I did in Blinded by Plain Sight, that this entire pandemic was planned and orchestrated.  Why would experienced doctors argue against the existence of natural immunity?  Why would trained scientists argue against the use of already existing drug regimens as early treatments?  How is it that three years later, we still have no serious understanding as to why certain states experienced a tragically higher death toll in the early months of the pandemic?  The excerpt from Blinded by Plain Sight below discusses the Plandemic States and Victim States where this virus seems to have acted extraordinarily differently (additional information on early treatments and the vaccine can be found in the original article).

The following four charts showing cumulative Covid deaths as experienced by our Northeastern Brethren and the deaths experienced elsewhere around the nation should at a minimum make a rational, logical thinking person go hmmm.

New York City Covid Deaths

New Jersey Covid Deaths

Ohio Covid Deaths

West Virginia Covid Deaths

Why did New York City and New Jersey experience 41% and 43%, respectively, of all of their Covid deaths in the period between April 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020.  In the same timeframe, Ohio (7.05%) and West Virginia (1.24%) didn’t even record 10% of all their deaths?  Did certain states ensure that there were enough deaths to create a panic?  Detailed analysis is needed to confirm, but looking at the charts alone is cause for alarm.

Why did Ohio’s Covid deaths grow from 13,500 in 2020 to 31,500 in 2021 for an increase of 133%?  West Virginia saw its Covid deaths nearly triple from 1,338 in 2020 to 5,336 by the end of 2021 for an increase of 298%.

Looked at another way, I combined all covid deaths by quarter for NY, NJ, MA, CT and DC (Plandemic States) and compared that chart to one looking at all the other states combined (Victim States):

Would those living in the Victim States even have known they were experiencing a plandemic in 2020 if it weren’t for the reporting of death in the Plandemic States?

The death experienced in these Plandemic States in the second quarter of 2020 was instrumental in creating the necessary fear that would cause the American people to beg for big daddy government to fix it.  And it is as obvious as a single blue bar on a chart! 

But how do regular people admit that to themselves?  Admitting that means admitting they can no longer trust our public health officials.  Can they continue to trust their doctors?  Shouldn’t they be paying attention to things like this?  The evidence that this was a plandemic is hidden right in plain sight.

I wanted to go over the above plandemic material again in order to show two things – how the plandemic did not even exist in Ohio or West Virginia prior to 2021, and how the powers-that-be scared the hell out of our population in order to seed the clamor for their solution – mRNA technology masquerading as a vaccine.

Excess Deaths Ignored

We live in a dying state.  That is not my opinion.  The DHHR last published their Vital Statistics report in 2020.  In that report, the one chart that threw me for an absolute loop is shown below:

The State of WV has been experiencing more annual death than annual birth since at least the year 2000.  That statistic alone should be the leading factor in any statewide political race.  Yet, I would bet that most West Virginians are not even aware of this phenomenon.

In a state where the population is dying at an increasing rate and in an environment where a deadly pandemic had just decimated our medical system, one would think the media, the medical profession, and academia would be hyper-focused on the health outcomes of our citizenry.

The opposite appears to be true.  As stated above, our DHHR has not published a vital statistics report since the year 2020.  In the table below, the 2020 death figures are from our own DHHR’s reporting.  However, the 2021 and 2022 data were gathered from the weekly provisional death data sets maintained by the CDC.  As you can see, death in our state has grown at an alarming rate:

From 2010 through 2019, the increase in death from year to year reached its highest increment in 2011 of 592 deaths.  In 2020, total WV deaths increased by 2,817.  This represents a 1,157% increase from the prior 10-year average increase of 224.  It should be noted that only 1,480 Covid deaths (from WV DHHR 2020 Vital Statistics Report) can be attributed to the 2,817 total increase.

In 2021, total death in WV reached 28,734.  Again, prior to the Covid year of 2020, our state increased the number of deaths on average by 224.  In 2021, 5,443 more West Virginians died than died in 2019.  This represents a 2,329% increase over what we would expect given the pre-pandemic average annual increase.  Based on the CDC’s Weekly Provisional Death Data (see link above), only 3,489 of the 5,443 increase can be attributed to Covid.

In 2022, total death in WV reached 27,600.  Again, prior to the Covid year of 2020, our state increased the number of deaths on average by 224.  In 2022, 4,309 more West Virginians died than died in 2019.  This represents a 1,823% increase over what we would expect given the pre-pandemic average annual increase.  Based on the CDC’s Weekly Provisional Death Data (see link above), only 1,846 of the 4,309 increase can be attributed to Covid.

For reference, the table below from the DHHR Vital Statistic report shows total death reported since 1925 (every 5th year is shown in the table until 2010).

These increases in death appear in line with those noted at the national level since 2021 by people like Ed Dowd in the United States and John Campbell in the United Kingdom.




Over the course of about a year beginning sometime in 2021, four friends/acquaintances of ages 70 down to 58 passed away in their sleep or with massive heart attacks.  These anecdotal cases along with the data I was learning from Ed Dowd prompted me to reach out to our own Wood County clerk.  I have since received hard copies of death data by age and gender dating back to 2015.

In the following analysis, I compared two sets of averages.  I first combined the data for the three-year period of 2018 – 2020.  I included 2020 in this range because although men saw an increase in death during the pandemic year, there was actually one less woman who died in 2020 than had died in 2019.  The Covid pandemic did not really hit Wood Co. very hard in 2020.  If you review the charts in the Plandemic section of this article, you will notice that death in WV did not really accelerate until after the rollout of the vaccine.

Thanks to the efforts of our county clerk, Joe Gonzalez, I was able to compile the monthly death rate by both age and gender through November of 2023 (2018 – 2020 = 36 months, 2021 – 2023 = 35 months).

As you can see in the red box above, each age group of males above 25 years old had an increase in death.  For six out of the seven age groups, the increase in average death is over 10% with two of the groups experiencing an increase in average death of over 23%.

It does not appear that females have fared as poorly as males since 2021 began, but the whopping increase in death for the 55 – 64 and 65 – 74-year-olds sure seems alarming.

Many argue that West Virginia is an aging population.  While that may be true, our excess deaths are not being made up of our elderly.  As you can see very plainly above, death is increasing at an alarming rate for each age group identified above except for females 35 – 44 years of age.  We are experiencing accelerated death all along the age spectrum.


I cannot tell you why this is happening.  I can only tell you that it is.

Shouldn’t there be a televised committee during this legislative session investigating the protocols used during Covid which prevented loved ones from being with Covid patients as they suffered and died?  Some would call what hospitals did torture and inhumane.  Are we not going to look back and correct those things we did wrong?  What about the medical powers of attorney that were ignored? 

Now that we know the Covid vaccine neither stops transmission or contraction, shouldn’t we look back at the guidance given and tactics used to promote this medical experiment?  Children were coerced and bribed to participate.  Pregnant women were told it was safe when no testing had occurred.

Jim Justice is running for Senate and no one will ask him about all this excess death.  Clay Marsh represents our flagship educational institution where faculty overwhelmingly supported vaccine mandates for an experimental technology which confers no immunity.

Why are we so easily programmed by the powers-that-be?  The data presented above clearly shows that death accelerated at an alarming rate in our state beginning in 2021.  Yet it was 2020 where the alarm was all over the TV.  The death tickers came off of all the news networks in 2021 while the increase in death experienced in that year was catastrophic.

Is no one even curious as to why Covid deaths did not begin to rise dramatically in Ohio or West Virginia until after the vaccine was rolled out?  

These things should be investigated by our legislators, our media, our medical professionals and by our academic institutions.  And at what point does such catastrophic death become of interest to law enforcement?  That none of these institutions have shown any curiosity is more than alarming. 

They really do think we are stupid.  Then again, if we don’t force them to look into it, I guess we are stupid and we’ll just take this accelerated death like the useless peasants they find us to be.


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